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North-West Telecom

December 29, 2006

OJSC North-West Telecom finished sending out the additional agreements on choice of pay system for local phone connections

In December OJSC North-West Telecom finished sending out the additional agreements on choice of pay system for local phone call to four millions of its users residing in urban areas that from 1 February 2007 will have technical capacities for time charging for local phone connections.

The envelope sent to the customers included two copies of the additional agreement to the Communication Services Agreement and information about the choice of the price plan and additional agreement.

The customers who decided to change the pay system from 1 February 2007 and adopt time charging instead of fixed monthly payments or choose a combined price plan, had to fill in both copies of the additional agreement according to the supplied guidelines. The customer has to retain one copy and to return the other one to OJSC North-West Telecom as stated in the guidelines: by bringing it to the nearest Customer service centre (CSC) of the OJSC North-West Telecom or to another office accepting additional agreements or by mailing it to the address stated in the guidelines.

In order to reduce the service time, special mailboxes were installed in all CSC of the OJSC North-West Telecom for the additional agreements.

The groups of population, who cannot come to the customer service centres, for example, elderly people and disabled customers, can arrange a visit of an employee of OJSC North-West Telecom to sign the additional agreement at home.

The signed additional agreement must reach the OJSC North-West Telecom not later than 20 January 2007. If the customer does not notify the OJSC North-West Telecom about his choice, from 1 February 2007 he or she will continue paying for local connections according to the existing agreement that is with fixed monthly payment according to the approved price plan “Unlimited”.

The customers on “Unlimited” price plan can use the special combined offer “Phone+Internet” with special price.  If you are subscribed to “Avant-garde” service, by choosing the “Unlimited” price-plan for local calls (you do not need to sign an additional agreement), you automatically acquire two services with monthly saving of 160-260 roubles.

Today about 10% customers in the North-Western Federal District, who could choose the pay system for their phone calls from 1 February 2007, signed and sent their agreements to OJSC North-West Telecom

For customers’ convenience, the Customer Service Centres of the OJSC North-West Telecom will be open during the New Year’s eve and Christmas vacations to receive payments and additional agreements to the existing communication services agreement. All branches of the Company decided to extend the opening ours of CSC during the weekends and holidays.

You can obtain additional information by calling free information services and ‘hot lines’ (the numbers differ for various branches of the OJSC North-West Telecom).


Remember! If you choose “Unlimited" price plan, you do not need to sign the additional agreement. You can change the price plan as many times as you want, but not more than once a month (from 1 February 2007 this service will incur an additional charge).




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