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August 24, 2011

Oleg Aksyutin: “Investments in new fields development and energy saving can compete

Today Irkutsk hosted the opening of the 20th Annual International Congress “Innovative Technologies in the Oil, Gas, Energy and Communication Sectors”. Gazprom’s delegation led by Oleg Aksyutin, Member of the Company’s Management Committee, Head of the Gas Transportation, Underground Storage and Utilization Department is taking part in the Congress.

Delivering his presentation to the conference participants, Oleg Aksyutin highlighted that Gazprom was paying special attention to the implementation of the Company Innovative Development Program until 2020.

Among the top-priority application areas for innovative technologies and equipment, the speaker, in particular, mentioned the following:

increase of gas turbine units efficiency;

extended use of LNG for local gas supply and as a vehicle fuel;

application of small power supply sources for gas transmission facilities;

production, transmission and storage of gas from new fields in Eastern Siberia;

effective use of low pressure gas from fields with declining production;

development of non-conventional natural gas sources.

“Implementation of these and other aspects of Gazprom’s innovative development can result in a significant economic and environmental effect,” stated Oleg Aksyutin.

For example, thanks to the application of modern technologies and equipment as part of the Company’s energy saving programs, between 2002 and 2010 Gazprom saved fuel and energy resources equal to 29.8 million tons of fuel equivalent, including 28 billion cubic meters of gas. The economic efficiency accounted for RUB 24.4 billion.

Presently, the Company implements the Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement Concept 2011–2020 and the Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement Program 2011–2013. The Concept is aimed at maximally realizing the energy saving potential in all of the activities and consequently reducing the anthropogenic impact on the environment. The challenge will be addressed through the application of innovative technologies and equipment, as well as through the improvement of the energy saving control process. The energy saving potential between 2011 and 2020 is determined at 28.2 million tons of fuel equivalent.

According to Oleg Aksyutin, the analysis performed as part of the Energy Strategy of the Russian Federation shows that by 2020 the demand for additional gas volumes will be in the range of 160–250 billion cubic meters a year depending on a development scenario of the country’s economy, while the energy saving potential will be 170 billion cubic meters a year. “So, investments in new fields development and energy saving can compete. The priority area of financing will mainly depend on the productivity of measures aimed at higher energy efficiency. Considering the increased costs and the difficulty of access to new fields, innovative energy saving technologies that used to exceed production costs, can become relevant,” highlighted Oleg Aksyutin.


In June 2011 the Board of Directors approvedthe Gazprom Innovative Development Program until 2020, which had been elaborated in accordance with the assignments given by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and aimed at developing the innovative activities and raising the technology level in companies with state participation.

The document contains a package of measures for Gazprom to develop and adopt new technologies, innovative products and services at hydrocarbons production, transmission and processing facilities, power plants as well as measures to create favorable conditions for the intense innovative development.

An emphasis is placed on the need of developing novel energy-saving and eco-friendly technologies as well as raising investments in the R&D sector.

The Program stipulates a pro-active approach to cooperation with corporate and independent research institutions as part of R&D activities as well as with higher education institutions in joint studies and staff training.




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