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March 23, 2004

OJSC FETEC (Dalsvyaz) technical achievements for 2003

In 2003 FETEC (Dalsvyaz) significantly improved quality of telecommunication services, developed and automated long-distance telecommunication on the basis of digital transmission systems and increased capacity of automated long-distance telephone exchange using OKS-7 sets.

Growth of automated long distance communication links reached 1315 links including 333 backbone links and 982 intrazone links. According to the results of 2003 total number of automated links made up 13079 (11764 in 2002) including 5750 backbone links (5417 in 2002) and 7329 intrazone links (6347 in 2002).

Internet access network was significantly extended. Number of users made up 115 364 persons (45 268 users in 2002).

Number of personal radio call network subscribers reached 33 046 users (28 935 in 2002).

Tracking of fiber-optical communication line 49,97 km long from Kirovsky village to Lesozavodsk of Primorsky region and 13 m long from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Elizovo village of Kamchatka region was completed. The company implemented the project on using satellite communication systems in part of intrazone communication lines within areas of Kamchatka and Magadan branches. At present a 492, 36 km long fiber-optical communication line is used in intrazone communication network of OJSC FETEC (Dalsvyaz).

Local telephone network mounting capacity of which for the accounting period increased by 139 471 numbers and as of January 01, 2004 made up 1 330 698 numbers (1 191 227 numbers in 2002) got the highest development. Equipped capacity made up 1 142 461 numbers as of January 01, 2004 and annual growth made up 55 522 numbers (1 086 939 numbers in 2002).

Capacity of electronic ATX reached 47,6 % of total mounting capacity (38,7% in 2002).

Telephone density of main telephone sets per 100 people made up 19,18 (18,25 in 2002).

In 2003 cellular mobile communication networks were highly developed within areas of Magadan and Kamchatka branches. OJSC FETEC (Dalsvyaz) implemented projects on installation of 10 basic cellular mobile communication exchanges and switchboard having mounting capacity of 40 000 numbers in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and 3 basic exchanges and a switchboard for 20 000 numbers in Magadan. Number of cellular mobile communication users reached 11 715 subscribers by the end of 2003 (8 849 users in 2002).




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