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Unified Energy System

June 11, 2004

Statement of RAO UES Media Relations Department

Moscow. 11 June 2004. RAO "UES of Russia" expresses deep concern about the "warlike situation" imposed by anonymous parties in the Republic of Khakassia. According to the advertisement published in the Vedomosti Newspaper on 10 June, Khakassia "has become the first victim of the cold war" declared, as may be inferred from the context, on the country by Russia's energy sector.

We might translate this "front line report" into a peace time language as follows: the authors apparently hint at the recent dispute between the Republic of Khakassia and RAO "UES of Russia", which was caused by the attempts of the Republic's authorities to deprivatize Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. In order to protect the interests of its shareholders, RAO "UES of Russia" decided to move the registration of the power plant to Krasnoyarsk Kray.

In point of fact, the relict axe of war unearthed in Khakassia's steppe turned out to be a rather blunt and light-weight weapon. Khakassian authorities and RAO "UES of Russia" have already settled the problem: The Republic has abandoned its claims, and the power plant will pay taxes, as before, to Khakassia's government. In this situation, the anonymous advertisers remind of a partisan from a joke who keeps blowing up trains unaware that the war ended long ago.

But perhaps, the "partisan syndrome" is not the point; the explanation might be that the funds allocated for the PR-campaign have to be spent lest the money be wasted. Proactive mobilization of journalists the press-tour to Khakassia on a plane rented for the purpose, dozens of apparently stale materials published in the media, creation of a special website in the Internet, publication of advertisements, etc. involves considerable expenses, particularly intellectual ones.

There is no reason to doubt that the money for the massive PR-campaign has been voluntarily donated by the participants of the spontaneous rallies of protest against RAO "UES of Russia", which were held in such an orderly manner in Khakassia. Quite likely, they were joined by the unknown "sympathizers" among those who care so much for the Khakass population.

Alas, RAO "UES of Russia" has to disappoint the corporate warlords: your war is over. Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP will not be deprivatized, and PR tricks are of little help in this case.




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