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December 16, 2004

Aeroflot switches to Sabre

Aeroflot switches to the computer-aided reservation system Sabre from March 22, 2005. At the same time they propose the decision on migration of the airline company agent system from SITA Gabriel terminals to Sabre GDS (global distribution system).

Complete package of services is to provide Russian travel agencies with unlimited access to the world global distribution system, to make an opportunity to reserve directly travel services all over the world, to get access to the service provided by foreign airline companies, car hire agencies, cruise agencies, travel agencies and railway companies. Things like that were not available for Gabriel users.

“Aeroflot is targeted at using the most advanced and efficient technologies in this sphere, - Aeroflot Commercial Director Yevgeny Bachurin says. – That’s why we have chosen the set of technological solutions provided by Sabre Airline Solutions. They give an opportunity for more flexible work in selling, reserving and ticketing air carriages; at the same time they supply maximum efficiency of the work of agents and the airline company’s sales offices.” “Moreover, new technologies provide many new functions useful for Aeroflot and travel agencies as well as our passengers,” Mr. Bachurin stressed.

Switching to Sabre GDS requires training of potential users of the system. Training is to be organized with the help of internal and distant educational forms.

To connect agencies to Sabre System requires internal education of no less than 25% of personnel engaged in operations connected with reserving and issuing tickets in Sabre GDS. The rest of personnel can be trained by using distant form.

Internal education is to be conducted on the basis of certified training units as follows:

- Aviabusiness Higher Business School: Kronshtadtsky Avenue, 20, Moscow; 459-07-24, 459-07-90, 708-03-38, 452-08-52;

- Domodedovo Air Communication Agency (DACA): Airport Street, 11?, Moscow; 956-00-15, 956-05-37;

- VIP-Service Agency (VIP-Service Training Center): Perevedenovsky Street, 17 – 1, Moscow; 926-46-67;

There is also to be announced a list of regional training centers soon.

Training includes 40 hours (6 days, 6.5 hours a day). Training course is divided into two parts– Basic and Fares & Ticketing (24 and 16 hours accordingly). There is a certificate test after each part of the course. A student is given two certificates (for each part of the course) if results of the tests are positive. If the test results are bad a student can pass the test again for additional fee. Recurring testing is to be made in the center where the student studied.

Education fee is fixed for students until 01.05.05 in the amount of 200 USD VAT excluding (120 USD and 80 USD accordingly for each part of the course). The amount includes training materials the student is provided with (English and Russian), as well as two certificates. After 01.05.05 education fee is to be determined by the organizations providing training courses independently.

Distant education is organized by using Personal Trainer software on CD. When the course is passed a user is to take certificate testing in the base training center.

Certificate testing procedures are determined by the base training centers. CD with Personal Trainer software costs 20 USD VAT excluding. From January, 2005, base training centers start also distributing CD with educational programs at 1 USD; the programs are to be free through Internet.

From January, 2005, Aeroflot starts re-concluding agent agreements.

Aeroflot–Russian Airlines (RTS: AFLT) is the largest Russian Airline Company. The state owns 51 per cent of its stocks. It was established in 1923. It controls 11 per cent of home and 39 per cent of international market of air carriages of Russia. According to RAP net income amounted to 3 978 million rubles in 2003. According to its financial indicators it is in the list of 25 top airline companies of the world (according to ATW). In 2003 Aeroflot transported 5.9 million passengers. There are 86 airliners in its fleet. Its headquarter is located in Moscow in Sheremetyevo Airport. It is going to build its own terminal Sheremetyevo–3 by 2007. Apply for detailed information about the airline company on its web–sites,

Sabre Holdings Corporation (NYSE: TSG) is the world leader in the sphere of travel commerce, distribution and retail sales of tourist products as well as technological solutions for travel business. More than 200 airline companies all over the world use Sabre Airline Solutions developments to provide support in making decisions to increase income and improve operational activity. Apply for detailed information about Sabre Holdings on the site

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