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Concept is the 1st Russian IR web-portal. Developed and maintained by group of companies, the portal is the only English-language on-line communication channel between Russian companies and international markets. It aggregates original corporate materials, company profiles, Russian Stock Market data, brokers forecasts and research, as well as news line and press clipping of major market events. is created to provide investors with comprehensive and up-to-date information on Russian financial markets, as well as to increase transparency and facilitate information disclosure for issuers.


Issuers’ Corner presents original corporate announcements and reports library.

Russian Company Guide is an on-line company corporate information resource covering more than 200 listed Russian companies. The Guide is based on information sourced from several databases: capital markets data, financial results and corporate news, which are maintained by our team of experts since the inception of the Russian financial market. All companies are presented in a uniform format, thus allowing easy cross-comparison. The format is developed according to the best international practices and gives you comprehensive information about the Russian Stock Market.

Markets Corner aggregates the latest estimates and recommendations of major brokers, working on the Russian Stock Market; research library; market professionals’ opinions and comments.

Media Corner includes news line and press clipping of major market events.

IR online services

Please click here to receive IR online services presentation in Russian. delivers the best investor-relations online solutions available to all companies in Russia and the CIS. Through this powerful combination, is able to deliver the following 3 critical elements of a successful investor-relations online program:

Best Disclosure Practices

Interactive Web-tools

Terminal IR page

Best Disclosure Practices

Best Disclosure Practices program is developed for companies that wish to follow the latest disclosure requirements and to be transparent to the international investment community.

The base Best Disclosure Practices package includes the following:

  • Placement of the company’s logo and announcements of press-releases on the main page of
  • Company profile, representing information about the company in brief uniform format (contact details, operations summary,key financial characteristics, capital structure, major shareholders, price chart, volume chart)
  • Annual reports archive
  • Press-releases archive
  • Corporate events calendar
  • GM materials
  • Corporate presentations
  • Investment memorandums archive
  • A creeping line that shows current shares quotes of a company on the main page of
  • Subscription to the Investor list to receive the latest company news and updates
  • Delivery of press-releases twice a month to subscribers (more than 2,500 subscribers)
  • CapitalLogica Consensus Estimates provision, including estimates of key company financial indicators and target prices by major brokers

Depending on client needs, we are ready to provide with the following additional services:

Targeting. Creating and updating an online target list of subscribers to deliver periodical company announcements and news to the target audience. Targeting has the potential to dramatically improve the effectiveness of IR service.

Hot Topic Page. Creating a special page on the IR-Portal to promote a major corporate event of the company. The target of the page is the promotions of the event in international investment community.

Please view samples

Interactive Web-tools

Interactive Web-tools allow any user to track stock price performance on multiple exchanges for any period. Moreover, the tools let users compare price dynamics versus major indices and see price gains.

We offer to install the following interactive Web-tools:

  • Stock informer, transmitting stocks quotes with a 15-minute delay
  • Charting tools
  • Investor’s calculator
  • Quotes archive
  • Analytical table to compare key market and financial coefficients with industrial averages

Please view sample on ROSNEFT

Please view sample on LUKOIL

Please view sample on SISTEMA


Uniqueness. Our interactive Web-tools have no analogues on the market.

Individuality. All Web-tools are individually designed for the corporate Web site of a client. We also consider any client’s individual preferences to create Web-tools.

Coverage. We cover all stock exchanges where a client stocks are currently traded, or where they plan to trade. Besides, any index could be added to our charting tools that compare a stock price with a stock market benchmark.

Functionality. In addition to the transmission of quotes, we offer user-friendly charting tools, an investor calculator, and a quotes archive.

High professional skills. Our specialists have high professional skills and strong relations with our partners. We have been working on the Russian stock market since 1992 and care for our good reputation.

Legality. We comply fully with license agreements on all stock exchanges to guarantee, for you, the legality of our service.

Cooperation with DR-program depositories. Our company is well-known among DR-program depositories, such as BONY and Deutsche Bank.

Convenience. Our technical specialists are based in Moscow to simplify the installation of Web-tools and their further technical support, as well as communication with a client.

Terminal IR page

Created to provide issuers with an online opportunity to communicate efficiently with a target audience, including present and potential investors, sell-side and buy-side, and the mass media. The IR page structure is developed with the best global practice in Investor Relations Online.


Market Data Provision

CapitalLogica, as official provider, mainly specializes in provision of ongoing and historical Market Data from a variety of Stock Exchanges in Russia. Data provision includes the following information blocks:

Information block



MOEX Board

RTS Board

Stocks Market




Currencies Market




Bonds Market




Government Securities Market




Derivatives Market





Our IT-specialists develop own technical solutions for automatic data forming programs and serve technical support of them. All information provided in friendly data format.


Corporate Action Data Provision

Over fifteen years our company has successfully experience in provision of ongoing and historical corporate information of all Russian companies listed on MICEX and RTS Stock Exchanges to our clients in friendly data format. Data provision includes the next events:


General Events

  • Company Descriptive Data
  • Company Listing/Suspension/Resumption/Delisting Data
  • Company Meeting Data (AGM/EGM)

Static Data Change Events

  • Country of Incorporation Change
  • Company Name Change Data
  • Security Code Changes Data

Company Charter Capital Changes Events

  • Charter Capital Change Data
  • Company Stock Issue Data     

             - open offer issue

             - private placement

             - increase or decrease of par value

             - split

             - consolidation

             - conversion of shares

             - bonus issue

  • Company Priority Rights Offer (Entitlement) Data
  • Company IPO Data
  • Company Buy Back Data
  • Company Bankruptcy & Liquidations Data
  • Company Stock Dividend Data

Securities Exchange Events

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Data
  • Company Spin Off Data
  • Swap Offer Data
  • Purchase Offer Data 


All standard files are created in accordance with worldwide Corporate Actions critical fields and the relevancy of these fields in the covered markets.

Our data experts could serve consultations on the legal requirements to disclose corporate and financial information in Russia as well as to response to questions of clients as timely as possible.



phone: +7 495 565 3435


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