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Rosseti Volga

May 31, 2010

The results of autumn-winter season 2009-2010 were summed up in Penzaenergo, the branch of IDGC of Volga, JSC

Penzaenergo, the branch of IDGC of Volga, JSC summed up the results of autumn-winter period 2009-2010. The industrial divisions of Penzaenergo ensured reliable and stable support of customers from Penza and Penza Region with electric power. Breakdowns were not registered for the mentioned period. Repair company carried out by Penzaenergo, the branch of IDGC of Volga, JSC in 2009 has become the basis for stable autumn-winter period. Over 147 mln. roubles were expended for repair company. Revision of emergency resources demonstrated 100% completion. Over 629 km of transmission lines (voltage 35-110 kV), 101 substations (voltage 35-110 kV), 3500 km of air lines (voltage 0,4-10 kV) were repaired, 6014 insulators on air lines 35-110 kV were replaced, 287.2 hectares were cleared from plants to support equipment of electric power system in working state during autumn-winter period 2009-2010. Major repairs of 11 transformers (III-VI dimensions) were made on substations 35-110 kV , 6 oil-filled high-voltage inputs were replaced. 134 supporting-core-type insulators 35-110 kV, 4 contact breakers 35-110 kV were replaced. 2 isolating switches and short-circuit devices 110 kV were changed for elegas switches, 44 switches 6-10 kV. 1861 supports were substituted on air-lined 0.4-10 kV, 789 adapters were installed, 102 kilometers of cable were renewed. Repair of high-voltage inputs and measuring transformers was carried out using vacuum drying technology. Diagnostics and inspection of equipment, repair of communication equipment and special auto vehicles, were made. Warmth-vision inspection of electric equipment (voltage 35-110 kV) was carried out with the help of portable computer devices IRTIS-2000, IRTIS 200, including 107 substations 35-110 kV and 49 air lines 35-110 kV. During 2009 work on advancement of professional skill of the personnel was carried out in classes and polygons, supplied with special equipment and technical means of education Special attention during preparation for winter-autumn period of 2009-2010 was paid to personnelís teaching how to work in emergency under low temperatures. Emergency-preventing trainings were carried out on joint operation of electric power specialists and emergency services while liquidation of technological breakdown in electric power grids. The most characteristic climatic features of 2009-2010 autumn-winter period were gusts of wind up to 25 m/sec, low temperatures (up to -41 C), snowstorms, abundant wet snow, separation of snow on trees and wires of air lines. No ice-formation on wires and thunder-preventing wires was observed. Constant control over the situation gave the possibility to avoid strong technological disorders.




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